With Gratitude to

Thank you to all our donors, supporters, participants and everyone who joined us to share our light together!

Nadia Hagen and Flam Chen;

Sawako Ama;

Naomi Duben, West Altar;

Elizabeth Leonard, puppeteer;


Michi Koga;

Takeshi Shimizu who helped with artwork and moral support;

Steve Bash;

Obsidian Butterfly;

Jack San, who helped with pre-production, manned the Info Booth all afternoon, and then helped with post-production;

Amy McGrotty, who volunteered to do just about everything that needed doing;

Keith Richardson, who helped to create altar spaces, helped to move the Odaiko, and served up copious painkillers and good times @ Kiki’s Tiki Village;

Sarah Anderson, who took care of all manner of things & got sh*t done;

Katharine Govea Saunders who helped with everything from workshops all the way up through to the end of the production, including the sacrifice of her firstborn, Charlotte (who volunteered for the Tech Crew,) and capturing the event with stunning photos;

& Lorna M. Fong, who offered guidance, strategic planning assistance, and exceptional support of the project.

Luminarias on the altar